TechStars Boulder Demo Day 2012

On August 9th, SalesLoft and 10 awesome startups go on stage for what may be the biggest event in the history of our careers. It’s called TechStars Demo Day.

(The 10 other companies: Birdbox, Digital Ocean, Mobiplug, Ubooly,, RollSale, Roximity, 27Perry, PivotDesk, DealAngel)

400 of the most influential investors and entrepreneurs will watch on as each of represent the future of our business, our product, and our hometowns. Needless to say, it’s crazy as shit right now at the TechStars office. Companies are cramming to gobble up business traction, while at the same time working diligently on their decks, pitches, and presentation styles. In fact, we’re doing pitch practice four days next week, complete with intense constructive feedback.

Each companies mission is different but ours is three fold:

  • Fill our sales pipeline with investor portfolio companies
  • Fill in the final last one-third of our angel seed raise
  • Represent our home town & add one more notch in the belt of the ATL startup community

As we go into demo day, we’d be remiss not to mention all of our Atlanta mentors who have guided us along the path:

And just as important have been the new relationships we’ve built at TechStars which have opened our eyes to new ways of doing business:

From day one, we promised ourselves and everyone else that we are coming back to Atlanta. And while it’s not an easy decision, it’s one we’re committed to. We believe that we can build an amazing company back home in Atlanta and that we can help build this ecosystem. Please follow and support us along our journey!

Much love,
Team SalesLoft




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