15 Dreamforce Experts to Follow on Twitter

15 Dreamforce Experts to Follow on Twitter

Dreamforce is days away. Hopefully you’ve made a game plan which includes staying up-to-date on the best information from Dreamforce experts. We’ve searched hundreds of Twitter accounts to find the best ones you should follow — especially next week. These 16 people will help keep you informed of all great parties, must-attend networking events, and of course all the un-planned stuff that’s bound to happen.

Dreamforce Twitter Michael_Lazerow

Michael Lazerow – Founder of Buddy Media, which was acquired by Salesforce.com this year, Michael Lazerow is a great person to follow on Twitter. He’s funny, insightful, and tweets more than just “what’s going on.”

Dreamforce Twitter Brent_Leary

Brent LearyWe call him the “King of All Things CRM.” Brent has been on the cutting edge of CRM technology for a good while and is a seasoned Dreamforce veteran. He tweets awesome content and is definitely one to follow during #DF12.

Reid Carlberg Dreamforce Twitter

Reid Carlberg – Is the man at Salesforce.com who knows the pulse of the business app community. He’s spearheaded the “Grab the Gold” contest and manages the SFDC AppExchange. He tweets really well and will be very helpful to all #DF12 participants.

Dreamforce Twitter Trish Bertuzzi

Trish Bertuzzi – Find me someone who talks to more VP of Sales each month and I’ll buy you a drink at Dreamforce. Trish is one of the hardest working people in sales and her schedule reflects it. She knows where to be and when, Dreamforce will be no different. Follow her. Trust us.

Dreamforce Twitter

Kevin Baldacci – The genius behind InsideView’s blog. If Kevin is half as fun and informative as he was at Cloudforce, then he’s a must follow at Dreamforce. His enthusiasm, prose, and creativity will keep you not only entertained but most importantly…informed.

Dreamforce Twitter

Jon Miller – The co-founder and VP of Marketing at Marketo doesn’t know where the parties are going to be, heck he’s throwing them. Besides being an active and engaging personality, he’s also steer the fun this year. Follow him to see what they’re up to.

Matthew Trifiro Dreamforce Twitter

Matthew Trifiro – SVP of Desk.com (which was recently acquired by Salesforce.com). Matt’s charisma shines in his tweets yet is still intertwined with valuable insight into the industry. If he tweets at #DF12 like he normally does, he’s a must follow.

Dreamforce Twitter

Adam Blitzer – Co-founder of marketing automation firm, Pardot, Adam tweets nothing but value. Follow Adam because whatever show, event or presentation he’s attending, know there a very good reason for it.

Dreamforce Twitter

Mike Gerholdt – One of the prestigious MVP’s of Salesforce.com, Mike knows what he’s talking about. He blogs at ButtonClickAdmin.com and is deep into the Salesforce.com ecosystem. If you see Mike wandering around #DF12, don’t fret, you’ll be in the right place.

Dreamforce Twitter

Tal Frankfurt – Another Salesforce.com MVP, Tal is a man who wants to use the cloud for positive social change. Got to respect a man who puts social advancement as core value in his business. Follow Tal to see ways SFDC is changing the world outside of software purchase orders.

Dreamforce Twitter

Dan Darcy – You know that saying from Wayne Gretzky “don’t go where the puck is, go where the puck is going.” Dan knows where the puck is going. He’s Benioff’s right hand man and one of the big orchestrators of this symphony. Take his word, follow his tweets, and thank us in the comments.

Dreamforce Twitter

Jamie Grenney - VP of Social and Online Video for Salesforce.com – if you see Jamie, don’t walk to him, run! You better believe Salesforce will be documenting, reporting, and recording everything valuable at #DF12. So give him a follow and introduce yourself in person, maybe you’ll be the next contestant on the Price is…um, I mean Salesforce.com video!

Dreamforce Twitter

David B. ThomasSalesforce.com’s Director of Community and Content, David personality on Twitter reflects that of the Salesforce.com culture: fun, positive, and enthusiastic. Look for clues in David’s tweets on what’s hot in enterprise and what will be next in the upcoming months in terms of content.

Dreamforce Twitter

Peter Coffee - VP and Head of Platform Research, Peter Coffee knows what’s on the horizon in the world of the social enterprise. He’s the man who introduces @Benioff & the MC for Dreamforce. Catch him on the official salesforce.com blog or bump into him before he goes on stage.

Dreamforce Twitter

Garry PolmateerPrincipal at Red Argyle & the man who brought you Dreamforce in legos. Garry is a dedicated Salesforce MVP & a champion of the ecosystem. Follow him for sure but if you get the chance, it would be wise to shake his hand.

Dreamforce Twitter

Marc BenioffThe man who made it all happen, Marc Benioff is a must follow. Granted he’s not the world’s most prolific tweeter but when he does, it’s RT’d and we listen.

Honorable Mention:

Dreamforce Twitter

Jared PaulThe newest addition to the community manager side of Salesforce.com. Look for Jared to be informing the massess as he embarks on the gargantuan task of organizing the community that is us. We’re here for you Jared.

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  1. @mattbertuzzi September 13, 2012 at 9:58 pm #

    Awesome list, Jon. A few of these folks are new to me. Much appreciated.

  2. Matt Bertuzzi September 14, 2012 at 12:01 pm #

    Looks like my comment from yesterday got eaten. Just wanted to say thanks for the list, Jon. I found a few new people to follow.

    • Jon Birdsong September 14, 2012 at 6:27 pm #


      That’s great man. I’m glad we could help. Hope to see you out there and if not there, then definitely at B2BCamp.

      Keep closing!

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