Looking forward: 6 Dreamforce 2012 Announcements

Looking forward: 6 Dreamforce 2012 Announcements

At $3b in revenue & double-digit growth, Salesforce.com has changed the landscape of business software and there doesn’t seem to be a limit to their success.

With all of this awesomeness, there are bound to be some exciting new updates from Benioff & the boys next week at Dreamforce 2012. Here are the product announcements we’re anticipating the most. Which are you looking forward to?

  1. Rypple becomes Work.com - the HR SaaS they bought last year now folds in to the platform. It will be interesting to see the new updates here. We’ve read that the CEO of Workday will be on stage to announce their integrations. Make way SAP & Oracle.
  2. Do.com – productivity apps are storming their way back to the enterprise via small businesses. Advances in the web are enabling a stronger customer experience and “agile project flow”. We predict Do.com will emerge as a viable alternative to popular apps like Trello & Asana who have seen recent business success.
  3. Marketing cloud announcements - with the recent purchase of Buddy Media and former Radian6 acquisition, marketing is becoming Salesforce.com’s “next $1 billion product line in the making”. Will they move further into email or marketing automation?
  4. A Storage alternative – the business world uses box.net, google drive and dropbox to store files. Yesterday, Benioff made mention of SFDC’s new alternative, ChatterBox. We’re sure there will be a great bit of buzz about this at the show.
  5. iPad & touch apps – touch mobile interface will be available in beta form in Winter ’13. This was announced last year as “coming soon”. We hope it really is this time :)
  6. Chatter updates – we’ve read stories about new updates, such as poll creation and a new communities feature.

No sales intelligence just yet but we’d love to hear nice updates on social profiles & Data.com. Sales intelligence will have it’s day soon enough. While we’re on that topic, why don’t you get an easy taste of it by trying out our free tool here?

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