12 Uncommon Ways to Crush it with LinkedIn


We’d be foolish to assume you didn’t already know the power of LinkedIn. Right after the phone, browser and email, it’s the single best sales tool in the world.

But not everyone takes full advantage of LinkedIn.

In fact, most don’t. So we’ve talked to some experts & compiled knowledge on the top 12 uncommon ways to crush it with LinkedIn Selling. Let’s get this party started:

1. Tell a story in your bio

Nobody wants to read dull, boring platitudes. Get out there and wow the audience.

If you’re in sales, use figures and facts to tell a story.

Put yourself in the shoes of your viewer and make it compelling. One pro-tip is to take advantage of the link titles and custom URL in your contact information.

Crush it with LinkedIn Selling 2

2. Trim the Fat

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 5.06.08 PM

Got 13 jobs on there? Clean it up. This is not your resume. Make your LinkedIn profile page simple enough to absorb all your content in <2 minutes.

If you have over 30 recommendations, only show the top 15. You want to make the experience of viewing your profile something that leaves positive memory. Pro-tip: avoid becoming a LION and connecting with “LIONs” you do not know. These users often abuse LinkedIn and are not highly regarded in the LinkedIn community.

3. Use Newsle

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 5.09.03 PM

You care about the people you connect with on LinkedIn, right?

Well one excellent way to stay in-touch with your connections is to hook up Newsle to your account. Newsle allows you to learn of any news articles that occur with the people in your network. It’s super simple and easy to use. Putting Newsle to work, will enable you to strengthen relationships and be a better information broker.

Here’s a post to get started: using Newsle to help you sell.

4. Use Job Change Alerts

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 4.58.15 PM

LinkedIn natively provides some job change alerts and connection updates, but nothing as easy as this. We built SalesLoft Job Change Alerts to provide a super simple way to follow the headline and title changes for the people in your network.

It’s free and takes less than 15 seconds to sign up and start receiving your daily alerts right away. Knowing this info will give great reasons to connect with the people you’re interested in and will go a long way in making you a stronger networker.

5. Learn Pro-moves for Searching

Don’t just follow the rules of LinkedIn when it comes to searching…sometimes they can be way too restrictive. Learn how to use site specific search to find people’s hidden names, use our free prospecting tool to capture large lists of targeted prospects and easily export them to a spreadsheet. Another cool tip is to use the “export to PDF feature.” If you run into the screen below, just export to PDF and often it will contain the info you need:

Crush it with LinkedIn Selling 4

6. Send Connection Requests Through Rapportive

If you use Google apps or Gmail, use Rapportive. It’s awesome…and it helps you find email addresses for people that you don’t know. Here’s a great habit to get into with Rapportive. Everytime you email back and forth with someone you know, make sure you are connected to them. If you’re not, just click the button. It really is that simple.

Not only does Rapportive help you stay informed on your people, it also makes connecting with them way easier.

crush it with LinkedIn selling

7. Invite your Email Contacts in Bulk

The goal is to build your network with the people you know and care about, but I’m surprised at how often people aren’t connected to close associates. A simple way to fix this is to connect your email account to LinkedIn so they can tell you who you email with often but aren’t connected with.

Here are the instructions for doing this. They are straight-forward, but if you have any questions, email us or leave a comment and we’ll be sure to help out!

8. Endorse your people

We can sit and debate all day long about the value of LinkedIn endorsements, but I promise you people enjoy getting them. They’re also super simple to give. So if you care about someone, offer them some virtual high-fives for what they’ve worked hard to achieve.

When you’re on a profile, you’ll see the box pop-up. All you have to do it click a box and your done. CAVEAT – Don’t BS. Only commend the people you know and believe in. There is absolutely no value in making things up or endorsing people for skills you’re not certain they have. Treat this feature with respect. Please. :)

crush it with LinkedIn selling 7

crush it with LinkedIn selling

9. Send direct messages to those in shared groups

Yup, you can message people you’re not connected to…if you share a group. We learned this the hard way, but it’s simple to do. Be cautious, you don’t want to tip the apple cart, but if you’re crafty, this can be a powerful tool.

10. Comment on people’s updates

People spend time sharing updates with their network. When one speaks out to you, take a moment to comment on it. I can assure you the other person will appreciate it and you’ll begin dialogue around a topic you care about. Simple example below:

Crush it with LinkedIn for sales 6

11. Export Connections

When we started building sales intelligence software, the first thing I did was export my LinkedIn connections and upload them to my salesforce.com instance. This makes it super simple to include your network in the going ons of your business. You could even offer them a special deal because you’re connected to them. Here’s the simple way to export your linkedin connections.

12. LinkedIn Groups (join, build, answer, ask)

There is a huge difference between LinkedIn groups that rock and Linkedin Groups that suck.

It’s all based on the moderation and whether people self-promote on the main feed (a big no-no). But…when you find a great group, it can be very rewarding. We found one called the Inside Sales Professionals to be a ton of value. Join groups like these.

Even better, create groups like these.

Answer the questions you can and ask questions that are right for your audience. By doing this, you will build your network, become a better influencer, and learn of opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have known.

So there you have it. 12 uncommon ways to crush it with LinkedIn Selling. Of course we left some stuff out but what was it? It’d put a smile on our face to see a comment or two below with your thoughts.

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