How To Uncover The Best SDRs In Interviews

Hiring the best person available is not the same as filling jobs with the best person who applies… -Lou Adler On a small team, every new hire matters. You need reps who are great on the phone, reflect your core values, and are dedicated to helping your company. You need the top 1%. It certainly […]

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SalesLoft’s Top Secret Sales Development Playbook

When a new rep joins the team, it is absolutely crucial to be able to quickly fill them in on the best ways to build accurate prospect lists, cold call, and email. That’s exactly where a playbook comes into play. Your playbook is an absolutely essential piece to the agile growth of your sales development […]

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Seven Must Read Sales Development Blog Posts Recommended By SalesLoft’s CEO

There is a constant stream of articles on sales development. Topics range from hiring and on-boarding strategies to email customization and best compensation models. If you’re a newcomer to sales development best practices or are in the process of sales team specialization, it’s possible to feel like you’re drinking from a fire hydrant. The sales […]

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Announcing SalesLoft Birdhouse

SalesLoft has helped hundreds of companies find new prospects and add rhythm to their sales development process. We solved the problems of who to contact and how to contact, but the question remains: what do you say to them? That’s why we are excited to announce the newest addition to the SalesLoft product family: Birdhouse. […]

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The #1 Lead Generation Method

Following executive changes could generate more high value leads than almost every other lead generation method combined. For every decision maker that changes jobs there are at least four high-value opportunities generated: Where did the decision maker go? Find out where the person they replaced went and call them, too. Contact the person who replaced […]

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10 Damn Good Sales Development Essentials

What can I do to build a successful sales development team? It’s certainly not easy to build a team of Sales Development legends overnight. When revenue is on the line, even one false start can be a recipe for disaster. It is absolutely crucial to focus on the right strategies early on. That’s where these […]

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AA-ISP Event: Inside Sales Done Right

Networking starts at 6:40pm at the Atlanta Tech Village Need a reason to look forward to Monday? But even better, this month’s American Association Of Inside Sales Professionals Atlanta Chapter Meeting welcomes a dynamic team with a unique perspective to the Atlanta Tech Village on Monday, September 8th. Greg Benoit, QGenda CEO and VP of […]

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Announcing SalesLoft Cadence: The Application Of Record For The Sales Development Team

In the last six months alone, SalesLoft has added over 500 new customers to our Prospecting Platform. These customers represent Sales Development teams all over the world. And their number one request is for an app that enables reps to perform Sales Development best practices in order to maximize qualified appointments and demos. That’s why […]

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Top 10 Questions About Sales Development (Part 2)

In our quest to answer the top, most frequently asked questions in sales development, we set out by sharing best practices for hiring and on-boarding SDRs in this post. With a foundation of best in class performers established, the specialization of roles and measurements of success are critical to the success of your team. How […]

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On The Road to Dreamforce 2014

What do hipsters, Marc Benioff, hoodies and Hillary Clinton have in common? Dreamforce 2014. Industry experts and thought leaders are headed to San Francisco this fall for the sales event of the year, and so are we! For the first time ever, SalesLoft is a proud sponsor at Dreamforce. October 13 – 16 will bring […]

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