The Customized P.S. Line Strategy

The level of personalization in an email is a key factor in determining whether or not a prospect will respond to your outreach. You run into trouble when your time is spent mining social profiles for interesting facts and meticulously crafting custom emails to individual prospects. It’s time consuming, but essential to your outreach strategy. […]

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The Sales Development Team: A Proven Framework For Success {ebook}

Craig Rosenberg has been a keystone in the growing popularity of Sales Development. In this ebook, you will find a detailed account of why Sales Development is one of the most popular terms among revenue leaders, and an exploration of what you can do to build a successful SDR team. Complete form below and the […]

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Developing a Flywheel For Sales Development

Jim Collins introduced the concept of a business “flywheel” in 2001. It is a simple idea. As the wheel spins, it stores energy. It takes a lot of effort to get started, but once in motion it helps spin itself by building momentum. Today, we’ll show you how to develop a flywheel for sales development. […]

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Sales Hacker Hits Beantown Like A Mack Truck

The Sales Hacker Conference is touching down for the first time in Boston on September 15, and boasts a badass lineup of top sales development executives, proven entrepreneurs, and sales strategists. The Sales Hacker Conference is the best event to attend to learn about practical sales ideas that actually work (not just blah blah blah […]

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5 Things You Must Know About Building A Sales Development Team {Webinar} w/Craig Rosenberg

Craig Rosenberg is one of the most knowledgeable sales development experts in the B2B technology space. So when he joined Kyle Porter for a webinar, expectations were high. And Craig delivered. Whether you’re interested in hiring, compensation, or common mistakes when building and managing an SDR team, Craig covers it all. You’ll want to bookmark […]

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Best Practices for Growing Your Sales Development Team

At SalesLoft and Datanyze, we spend the majority of our time helping sales development teams. We’ve learned lessons from some of the best (and worst) efforts in sales development. Here are a few best practices we’ve gleaned from this experience: One of the key points to hire around is culture. The best SDR teams are […]

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AA-ISP Happy Hour: Inside Sales, Thought Leaders, And Beer

Inside sales leaders, cold beer, and Atlanta’s Startup Community are a combination you won’t want to miss. The leaders and organizers of the American Association Of Inside Sales Professionals are hosting a happy hour in the newly renovated Atlanta Tech Village, in Buckhead, GA. If you want to meet Atlanta’s top sales professionals or learn […]

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“You Don’t Have To Be Right, You Have To Be Reasonable” {Sales Leader Video} with Jeff Hoffman

If you ask a prospect a question that comes from a genuine place of sincere curiosity, you’re probably going to get an answer. Elite sales trainer Jeff Hoffman is best known for his “Why You, Why You Now” strategy. If you’re interested in cold calling and emailing prospects effectively, Jeff is your man. He’s presented […]

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Canoes, Hippos, And What They Have To Do With Sales Hacker Atlanta

On Sunday, Bobby Cox, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. These Atlanta greats all graciously thanked the players and coaches who were instrumental in helping them get there. At the first-ever Sales Hacker Conference in Atlanta, those three were Jon Birdsong, JJ Imbeaux, and […]

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What Is Sales Development?

There have been drastic process and technological changes since the 1980′s, and plenty of success stories for companies who have recently adopted it. It’s incredible. But as the spectrum shifts, it begs the question: What exactly is sales development today? Let’s find out: What Is Sales Development? from SalesLoft – Sales development is our focus, […]

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