5 Things You Must Know About Building A Sales Development Team {Webinar}

If you asked me to point you towards someone who really knows sales development, I’d introduce you to Craig Rosenberg. Leading the charge for sales development, Craig’s insights are second to none. In addition to his wealth of sales development knowledge, he is one of our favorite sales bloggers and the co-founder of the ultra […]

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A Sales Development Hack That Earned Us $12K By “Dropping A LinkedIn View” On A Prospect

Viewing somebody’s LinkedIn profile is like knocking on somebody’s door. You view me, I view you, and then we have some common ground to talk about. -Udi Milo, LinkedIn Senior Product Manager Many professionals prefer viewing LinkedIn profiles anonymously. Why? Because they know LinkedIn will alert users to the activity on their profile. These users […]

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The Career Progression Of A Sales Development Rep

Very few sales development reps show up for work every day imagining themselves in the role forever. That being said, it is crucial to define a career progression that will allow them to fulfill their own goals, as well as those of your company. This is one framework that will allow young reps to understand […]

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The Sales Hacker Conference Comes To Atlanta

On Tuesday, July 22nd, the Sales Hacker Conference will make its first appearance in Atlanta, following a widely successful tour in San Francisco, New York and Toronto. This time, sales development will be the center of conversation. Three speakers will share their perspectives on implementing and managing SDR teams. Here’s the agenda: You’ll walk out […]

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8 Ways To Master Your Next Conference

Conferences are like the playoffs for executives. The potential to have more face-to-face first impressions in one afternoon than all month is invigorating. A great conference can consolidate weeks of prospecting and selling into a single afternoon…if you do it correctly. These eight strategies will provide tips so you can maximize your presence at all […]

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How To Convince Your CEO To Create An SDR Team

Executives are focused on driving results: revenue and return on investment. If you’re looking to launch a sales development team, your mission is to prove it will meet these needs. The goal and your primary focus is to demonstrate to your CEO that having a SDR team on board will be a game-changer in the […]

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6 Things You Should Do Before Building A Sales Development Team

Thanks to The Bridge Group’s insightful research, we know that sales development has been adopted by nearly 40% of B2B SaaS companies. It’s finally time to ramp up your very own sales development team. Before getting started, there are six central ideas that need to be addressed. They not only provide the framework for sales […]

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5 Common Objections To Building A Sales Development Team

They all revolved around sales development and ended with one realization. SDR teams are paramount to achieving success in a dynamic market. They drive an efficient sales process and make for a predictable revenue model and scalable sales team. But there are still skeptics. After all, it’s hard to restructure your entire sales team without […]

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The History Of Sales Development

Sales development isn’t a new strategy. But it is one of the biggest shifts in how successful technology businesses are approaching sales. Since its inception over 30 years ago, sales development has evolved along with technology and processes. While its roots are still centered around the role of prospecting, today’s reps use different techniques for […]

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5 Reasons You Can’t Accomplish Your Sales Development Mission Using Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation is invaluable. It helps score and grade leads, run outbound email and drip campaigns, letting sales and marketing teams make educated decisions. It can also track links, build forms, and post on social. All of which can help your business thrive. At its foundation it is a volume based approach. Once you start […]

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