How The Greatest Email Tool Will Knock Your Socks Off

About eight weeks ago, SalesLoft’s newest product was born. Her name is Cadence, and she’s growing up fast. This development blog series will serve as a catalogue of how Cadence crawls, walks, and runs into the mature sales development application that we at SalesLoft know she can be. As the application of record for Sales […]

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Nominate The 2014 Top Sales & Business Development Organization

It’s time to highlight the top sales and business development teams and organizations of 2014, and introduce something completely new. So how does it work? Nominations are accepted from peers, company leadership, clients, or anyone who sees the contribution and value of these professionals. It’s your chance to influence the field you love by nominating […]

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An Inside Look At Inside Sales Compensation {Whiteboard Video}

We get asked all the time how the heck we pay our sales team. It’s a great question. Especially since roles and compensation are constantly evolving as jobs become more specialized. To answer it, Kyle Porter shares inside sales compensation numbers similar to those of the SalesLoft sales team. You’ll be blown away at how […]

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Introducing the First Conference of its Kind: Rainmaker 2015

We are excited to announce the inaugural Rainmaker Summit for sales and business development leaders, industry influencers, and SalesLoft clients, taking Atlanta by storm on January 13-14, 2015. The first of its kind, the Summit is geared toward the movers, the shakers, and inside sales rainmakers. The two-day event will feature sales development seminars and […]

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Meet Tami McQueen & See What She Is Doing for Sales Development

There are many reasons you’ll want to know Tami McQueen. Beside her bright smile and South African charm, Tami is totally focused on helping your sales team become better at setting more qualified appointments and demos. Since diving in to the world of sales development in June, Tami has created some great work that could help you […]

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How One Sales Executive Closed $175K ARR In The First 90 Days Of His First Job In SaaS Sales

This is the story of Kevin Walkup. As an account executive at SalesLoft, Kevin closed over $175,000 ARR across 31 new clients, in his first 90 days on the job. Heck, he even took a week off for a pre-planned golf tournament out of the state! This is an awesome story that will help you […]

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AA-ISP Atlanta Chapter Meeting, Nov. 19: Always Be Closing

Call it science, finesse, or a dynamic combination of both, but there’s something to be said about the art of the inside sales demo. Whether you’re the Alec Baldwin of your sales team, with an “always be closing” mantra, or the Wolf of Wall Street, nailing the demo is a top priority for a successful […]

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Turning The Traditional Sales Organization On Its Head {Whiteboard Video}

Sales development is a scaldingly hot topic. Leaders like Craig Rosenberg, Trish Bertuzzi, and Steve Richard are evangelists of the process. And people are listening. Reps do it all in the traditional sales organization. Specialization is far and few between. They are responsible for prospecting leads, setting appointments, closing the deal, and everything in between. […]

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How The First SDR To Graduate To AE Used SalesLoft And LinkedIn To Crush Quota!

Meet Christine Ladd. When she joined SalesLoft in May, she was the third member of the sales development team and was tasked with building lists and reaching out to prospects to schedule as many demos as possible. This is her story about using LinkedIn to crush quota and get promoted to Account Executive: Finding people […]

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Watch Jason Lemkin & Friends Benchmark SaaS Companies. Compare & Dream About Your Startup’s Growth.

Leading the SaaS buzz at the cloud-based conference was Jason Lemkin, Co-founder and CEO of EchoSign and SaaS-only investor. He’s built an immense following, gaining reader traction with over one million views in a single month and quickly becoming the most popular thing on Quora. In his session at Dreamforce, Benchmarking SaaS Startups, Jason was […]

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