Eliminate time in research

The best sales reps find out about their prospects before they make a call. They use services like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & search engines to gather information that will help them conduct contextual conversations with rapport. Spending the appropriate amount of time in research can take up a lot of your day, not to mention time easily wasted when we get sidetracked on social networks or fringe searches.

While there are many ways that successful sales sales professionals gain knowledge through research, one thing is for certain: all of that time spent in research is time not spent selling.

We’re here to take that load off your shoulders by providing you with sales intelligence.

We’re here to go and grab that data on your behalf and to do it while you sleep, literally. We’ll figure out who you are interested in by scanning your CRM and then we’ll go out on a web research mission to find your relevant information. We’ll present it to you in three easy to consume ways:

  • In your personalized dashboard at my.salesloft.com
  • Through configurable email alerts & automations
  • Inside your specific records at salesforce.com (more CRM integrations on their way)

So, let us help you by taking the burden of research off of your shoulders. Let us present your custom research to you in an easy to use and actionable way. Through SalesLoft, you can connect with more prospects at the right time, and sell more by speeding up relationships and sales cycles.

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