Personal prospect alerts

Automations are one of the three ways in which SalesLoft provides you with your sales intelligence information. By connecting with CRM’s and social networks, the app learns who your are interested in and goes out on the web to conduct the appropriate research on your behalf.

By signing up for Salesloft, your account will be configured to receive one daily report with the new information we’ve found on the prospects of whom you are assigned. This report can be modified and easily customized by you in order to be most valuable to your sales efforts.

Some of the triggers we can report on your prospects are:

  • Newsworthy information: did a major event occur with your prospect? If so, you should know about it first. These triggers can include promotions, capital raising, expansion through new office space or planned headcount increase, awards, speaking engagements, new product releases, etc. If it’s news on the web about your prospect, our crawlers are searching for it.
  • Blogs & RSS feeds: If your prospect has a blog or is distributing feeds of content, you’ll want to be aware of them. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that when a company puts out blog post, the content presented is important to their business. Knowing this data can help you go a long way in your sales effort
  • Specific individual news: did your prospect just take a new job? did she get a new promotion? Understanding individual title changes helps you to maintain the position of knowledge. Leverage this to receive real sales rewards.

Reports and Alerts help you to gain significant value from the SalesLoft tool without interrupting your day. They offer you data and intelligence on the prospects you care about, right in your email inbox daily.

So, do you want to get relevant news and sales trigger updates delivered right to your email daily? It’s as simple as checking the box and signing up for SalesLoft.

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