Rank your prospects

Most sales reps have a database filled with records of which they are responsible. With time as your most precious commodity, how do you ensure that you are spending it most wisely? In a future release of SalesLoft, we plan to release prospect ranking. We’ll start by gathering prospect information from all over the web that identifies “likeliness to buy” factors and applies those metrics to determine a score. These metrics can be factors such as the following:

  • Growth by employee hiring rates
  • Various marketing “spends”
  • Social media influence trajectory

The next stage of analysis from there is to measure your internal data. By analyzing the characteristics of your current deals/customers, we can create a matched profile for the ideal prospect. This can then be mined from existing contact lists or those from third party providers.

Our early customers have told us that there is a high value in ranking prospects. We’re working on getting this to you in a hassle-free manner. Stay on the lookout for sales intelligence prospect ranking.

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