Sales Follow Up | 6 Ways To Improve Following Up with a Prospect

Sales Follow Up | 6 Ways To Improve Following Up with a Prospect

We’ve all been there. You end the call with “Okay great, well, I’ll give you a follow up call in a week after you’ve taken X product to the rest of the team to get their thoughts.”

A week passes, two weeks are now gone. Heck, it’s even awkward to send an email. They’ve forgotten you, you’ve forgotten them and…you didn’t even call.

Until now.

We’ve come up with 6 Ways to improve sales follow up

1. Boomerang is a Gmail plug-in that allows you to schedule an email to be sent later.

-  How a sales rep should use it: After you hang up the call, craft an email about following up and schedule it the day you told the prospect you’d call him back.

2. JobChangeAlerts is a free app that gives you a daily email when folks in your LinkedIn network change jobs.

-  How a sales rep should use it: One of the best times to follow up on a prospect is when they’ve changed jobs. The prospect is in a new company, a new direction, and who doesn’t enjoy any form of congratulations. There are few specific ways to use JobChangeAlerts more in depth.

3. Newsle is a free app that keeps you updated of the ongoings of your LinkedIn connections.

-  How a sales rep should use it: Sign up for free sales triggers here. Then set your email notifications where you get an email when one of your LinkedIn folks is in the news. What a great opportunity to reach out when something “news” worthy has occurred.

Note: Ways 2 and 3 require you to be LinkedIn connected to that person.

4. Google Alerts is a very simple and easy way to keep your prospects top of mind. You can find all sorts of fresh, valuable content with help of Google Alters.

–  How a sales rep should use it
: After a very important call, go over to your Google Alerts account and put in the company of your prospect. Set the frequency to daily or weekly (depending on the urgency and importance of the lead).

5. Salesforce Tasks are old-school but it still works. Also, along with the semi-recent acquisition of Do, tasks are made easier and more mobile.

-  How a sales rep should use it: We prefer Do. However each sales rep has their own way — whether in the native SFDC app or not, tasks are handy when following up.

6. Twitter is a very valuable tool. Most companies are trying to get the word out about themselves and one of the best ways to do it is through Twitter.

–  How a sales rep should use it:
Create a “business” twitter account where you follow each of your top 10-20 prospects or their companies. Use the information to follow up and add value to the correspondence.

The following 6 ways will significantly provide more follow up opportunities, keep your pipeline stacked, and help you close more deals.


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