TechStars’ Secret Sauce Contains This Ingredient

People ask, “What are the true benefits of TechStars?” Trying to answer by prioritizing the landslide of advantages overwhelms us. So, instead we write about them. HackStars and BizStars are part of the secret sauce making TechStars the premiere incubator in the world.

Extremely talented people in design, development, and business permeate each TechStars cohort and provide their talents where needed.

In less than 11 days, the HackStars/BizStars have:

  • redesigned our entire product
  • developed our new front-end
  • constructed industry reports for our content marketing plan

Who are these unsung heroes and where do they hail from? Let’s take a look.

There are many talented HackStars/BizStars, the following three are the ones who have worked on projects with the SalesLoft team.

Josh Nielson
A front-end developer with super human vision. Josh is in the process of developing the front-end of SalesLoft’s new web app. Code abound! When Josh isn’t absorbing every ounce of knowledge when conversing with anyone/everyone in the tech scene, from time to time, he’ll kick back with a classic PBR.

TechStars' Secret Sauce Contains This Ingredient

Trav Sisti
A UX designer who can code. The newest SalesLoft product will have Trav’s designs and UX mastery. Mobile? No problem. When not working on a TechStars company, Trav can be found at the next Boulder startup event talking shop about how to make the easiest user experience possible.

TechStars' Secret Sauce Contains This Ingredient

Arthur “Pretty Boy” Loyd
Law student, author, business man: there’s hardly anything this guy can’t do. Arthur is currently creating industry reports and making sure the SalesLoft team gets the most out of every mentor meeting. When he’s not plotting the next multi-billion dollar startup, Arthur can be found instigating adventures, late-nights, and weekend getaways.

TechStars' Secret Sauce Contains This Ingredient

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