A TechStars Experience w/ T.A. McCann

Last night, we had the honor & privilege of spending time with TechStars mentor, T.A. McCann, the founder of Gist & one of the top entrepreneurs in the world of sales technology.

We learned tons of value which we’ll outline below. Before that though, the most important thing T.A. did for us was inspire, believe in us, & motivate us to continue to give our all toward building an amazing company. As much as we’d like you to learn something from this post, it’s really more of a thank you to T.A…who by the way writes really great content at at tamccann.com & the Gist blog.

For those studying back at home, here are two of the lessons we learned from T.A.:

1. Fill out this minimum viable company chart to understand your startup. Detailed instructions here: Developing your next company with one simple tool

A TechStars Experience w/ T.A. McCann

We evaluated each element of our business using the tool:

A TechStars Experience w/ T.A. McCann

2. Visualize & focus on your customers based on their passion for your product.

This concept describes the type of users/customers you have & urges you to focus on the highest level of advocates. A TechStars Experience w/ T.A. McCann

Pay the most attention to the top section; the sliver of users who truly adore what you do. Take care of them, thank them, send them awesome gifts & inside usage on your new features. Keeping them advocates will take your business a long way!

The mentor program has been fantastic. Just like the day before, 15 hours at TechStars felt like a week’s worth of learning. Thanks T.A. & TechStars Boulder. This is getting fun!

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  1. MK May 22, 2012 at 6:40 pm #

    Awesome post Kyle! Keep posting and I’ll keep following.

    • Kyle Porter May 23, 2012 at 12:15 am #

      Thanks MK. By the way, I’m back in ATL tomorrow; see you at the TAG event?

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